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We’ve created the logo and identity of one of the largest education publication in Romania.

How do you start one of the largest publications on education and research in Romania?
Obviously, with quality journalists!
And journalists are part of a brand.
The articles in the website are definitely a worthy reading, but there is always doubt in the reader’s minds when digesting news. So the most important question for AHAGRAFIKA was: What does the identity of a trusted publication look like?
The development of the feeling of trust in the brand was the main aspect that we considered.

Starting from the founders idea and discussing with those involved in the project, we identified the values, mission and promise of Edupedu.
For the logo we used a clean and strong font to make the identity of a website resemble with an institution. We created the image of an authority by simply choosing a geometric font. To balance the rhythmic and playful sound of the name ‘Edupedu’, we chose a serious tone for the color palette.

Online publications create articles in an organized and planned way, so we added a notification dot, represented by a white circle at the top right of the name. In the white notification circle we created a keyvisual, the EP monogram, in the form of an open book.

Having the identity and strategy of the brand, we moved over to marketing deliverables and company necessities.

Great design and a good collaboration made us so thankful to have been working with Edupedu.


Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

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